If you're here, it's because you've got question about our Bulk Supplements Section!  Well let's get things straight! 

Where is your Bulk made?

All our Bulk products are made in a Canadian GMP Manufacture that is licensed by Canada Health.  All production follows the same high standard that applies to the big names of this industry.


If it's not in a tub, what's the packaging?

All Bulk Products are packaged in Bulk Generic Sealable Vita Plus Standup Pouches.  They can be open and sealed back after every use and are made to keep the product as fresh as when you receive it.  The selected product and flavor will be identified on the back of the bag.


Is the product fresh?

Our Bulk is always fresh.  We receive new batch every month and as we received it, the product is stored in a Certified NSF Bin to ensure potency and freshness of our product.  No clumpy or tasteless old batch.  Our products are good up to 36 month if stored in a cool, dry place (15-30C) at home or at work!


What's the delivery time?

We mostly use Purolator for delivery.  Every order made before 15h00 EST are shipped same day.  Expect between 1-3 Business Days for Quebec, Ontario.  Between 3-5 Business Days for the rest of Canada.


Do you plan on having more flavours?

We work everyday to develop more and more tasty flavors.  We launch new flavours about every 2-3 month.  You can always send us your ideas by email (info@vita-plus.ca)


Does Rebate Coupon Codes works on the Bulk?

Every Rebate Coupon Codes works on the Bulk products.  A disclaimer will be on the Ad otherwise!


If I want more of the pre-establish quantity, is there a better deal?

Of course! If you're looking forward buying more than the pre-establish quantity, simply email us (info@vita-plus.ca) for a Rebate Coupon Code exclusive to higher quantity on a single order!


Is the scoop Included?

Of course it is!  We also offer The Scoopie Easy Funnel in the Gear Section at Low Cost!


Your question is not part of this Q&A?  Well, feel free to email us at info@vita-plus.ca!