Beyond Yourself

Amino IQ 2.0 (30 Servs)


High performers demand the most of themselves in everything they do.

Whether it’s unlocking intense mental focus while studying, experiencing limitless mental clarity at work, finding smooth energy in the gym, or tapping into extreme focus while gaming - AminoIQ² is the ultimate formula for those who want to push themselves beyond their human potential.

AminoIQ² is loaded with 6g of Vegan Sourced BCAAs and 3.6g L-Leucine per scoop, proven to preserve lean muscle tissue, stimulate muscle growth, and maintain cognitive function that can decline from intense physical activity. With the perfect combination of BCAA’s, caffeine, and nootropics - AminoIQ² is truly the optimal fuel for the mind and body.

Nootropics are compounds that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions such as memory, creativity, focus, and motivation. Recently reformulated to deliver 59% more nootropics, Amino IQ² offers more than any branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement or energy drink on the market today.

Fuel yourself for more. Get AminoIQ² and #GoBeyond today!