Anabol-X (90 Caps)


The modern way of life is very hard on men and their testosterone.

Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and the management of the different stressors of life has its share of consequences: the decline of testosterone is one of them.

Testosterone is synonymous with masculinity and muscle mass, but also with recovery and performance: better testosterone will greatly help recovery and motivation.

We opted for a mixture of zinc and resveratrol that are known to play a role in controlling aromatization and optimizing testosterone. In addition, zinc is necessary for the production of testosterone and resveratrol is one of the most interesting compounds for overall health.

As far as stress management is concerned, we have opted for adaptogenic plants. Among the adaptogenic plants, there are several that can help you optimize your hormones, but eurycoma longifolia is really the best choice to increase free testosterone (therefore usable), and also promotes better stress management.

Maca, for its part, was a logical choice, because its role on the health of the hormonal system is well established. Tyrosine and B6 complement the mix and provide a better balance of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and serotonin).


  • Optimize testosterone
  • Control aromatization 
  • Help to build Muscle Mass
  • Greatly help recovery and motivation