Burn-X (30 Servs)


Burn-X is an all-in-one fat-burning formula.  It's powder form and tastes really good.  You can either sip it at once to feel a good rush of energy or slowly feel a slight kick over time.

Burn-X helps to reduce the appetite and increase metabolism to burn more fat and more calories.  It can be taken at any given moment of the day (at least 4 hours apart from bedtime)!


  • Help (temporarily) to promote alertness and waking state.
  • Helps to improve intellectual performance.
  • Helps support / promote mental clarity / alertness.
  • Help (temporarily) to reduce fatigue.
  • Helps improve physical performance
  • Helps (temporarily) reduce exhaustion / fatigue
  • Helps energy metabolism.
  • Source of electrolytes.