ATP - Athletic Therapeutic Pharma

Cooldown (60 Caps)


Cool Down was formulated to optimize your body’s stress response: Whether you are looking to enhance exercise recovery and increase “gains”, optimize resting heart rate variability, keep cortisol down in the evening, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, or just chill out after a tough day at work, Cool Down will help you! 

Metabolic stress: Muscle catabolism is an important component of the metabolic response to stress and injury. Heightened sympathetic nervous system activity and cortisol release (a catabolic signal) during exercise breaks down tissues to supply energy substrates that support sustained workload. Although physical stress and catabolism are required stimuli for physical adaptation (gains in strength, power, & muscularity), it is essential to limit such stress to the workout window. 

Psychological stress: We all experience acute psychological stress from day to day. But, when acute psychological stressors become chronic, we run the risk of cortisol dysregulation, anxiety, insomnia, and depressive symptoms. 


  • Helps to promote relaxation.
  • Helps the body response to metabolic stress.
  • Helps the body response to psychological stress.
  • Helps to fight insomnia, depression, anxiety.