Double Tap (40 Servs)


When you want to change your body, you need as much support as possible to see the results you are working towards. RedCon1’s Double Tap helps unwanted fat melt off your body while simultaneously increasing energy and mental clarity. This formula helps rid the body of unwanted fat by reducing your appetite, increasing your energy, and helping you focus your thoughts on your goals.

This formula helps your body burn unwanted fat by converting it to energy, helping you power through even the toughest workouts to achieve your desired results. Increased energy means pushing yourself unlike ever before during your workouts, so you’ll see results faster than you thought possible.

Double Tap is extremely powerful but also incredibly easy to use. Test your tolerance by taking half a scoop when you wake up before eating breakfast. To use, take up to one scoop in the morning on an empty stomach, but do not take more than one scoop each day. See the results you crave with the fat-burning power of Double Tap by Redcon1.


  • Burns unwanted body fat by reducing hunger, increasing energy, and supporting focus
  • Supports brain health and mental clarity
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Forty servings
  • Six flavours