Knee Wrap


Our athletes are serious when it comes to injury prevention. They know that in order get on top, they can’t afford to take weeks off to heal an abrupt training incident. That’s the primary reason why we decided to manufacture the best wraps on the market.

We all know the squat is the unequivocal king of lower body exercises. That being said, the heavy loads involved in this movement can really take a toll on the knee joints. Start using the Rise Knee Wraps and see the profound performance enhancing effect they can have on your lower body and keep yourself protected in the process.


  • Made from highest-grade materials available, our Knee Wraps are one of the many showcases of our unfettered commitment to creating products that not only meet, but exceed your expectations of true sports performance.
  • Your mechanical advantage is here. Let yourself lift more weight and grind out more reps than you ever thought you could. Train your wheels harder and longer than the competition with the Knee Wraps.