Nova Pharma

Marine Collagen (30 Servs)


Get healthy, hydrated skin with the new Marine Collagen from Nova Pharma.

It consists of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, both of which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity and radiance. The level of hyaluronic acid that our body produces, decreases significantly due to external factors (such as radiation or pollution) poor lifestyle habits, stress and aging. The result? We have dry, sagging and dull skin. More and more women are now incorporating hyaluronic acid into their routine to address this loss and keep their skin looking young and supple.

Collagen also improves the quality of hair and nails. It makes them less likely to break and stimulates healthy growth. And that's not all, it also helps keep your joints and bones healthy.

Special features :

  • Obtained from sustainable and eco-conscious methods. Sourced from wild North Atlantic fish, we use marine by-products (scales) from other industries that would otherwise not be used.

  • Made of pure hydrolyzed collagen, easy to absorb.

  • Simple to use and mixes well with any drink.