Primer (24 Servings)

Magnum Primer is a 100% fully encapsulated multi-nutrient performance pack. These powerful packs contain 8 pills with 6 specific functions. Primer is designed to support multiple systems in the body such as brain support, digestion, hydration, anabolic support and energy production. Magnum Primer is your foundation to ensure you’re primed and ready for the gym, as well as everyday life. It can help you build more muscle, burn more fat, and train with more intensity. *

Primer was created to supply high-quality ingredients to your cells in their most absorbable state. The micronutrients and cofactors in Primer have been handpicked and carefully encapsulated to ensure maximum absorption. You will not find any compressed tablets in Magnum Primer for a reason. Compressed tablets include excipients such as povidone (PVP), cellulosics, and modified starches, which are included as binders, disintegrants, diluents, lubricants, and surfactants in tablets. These inert ingredients can constitute up to 75% of a tablet and usually end up causing them to pass through your digestive system unabsorbed. Magnum Primer delivers its ingredients in a fine particle form in a natural shell capsule. These open in the stomach in under 15 minutes, and are optimally transported when consumed with a meal (as recommended). This process leaves each nutrient fully available for utilization through the stomach and into the intestines, laying the foundation to support muscular gains, health, wellness, recovery and anti-aging.*

  • Men and women who want to build muscle and burn fat*
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their recovery abilities*
  • Anyone who wants to support their immune system*
  • Anyone on a calorie restricted diet*
  • Anyone who has a difficult time with massive multi-vitamin tablets*