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[BULK] Whey Protein Concentrate (1lb to 25lbs)


It's finally live!  You can now purchase your Whey Protein Concentrate in bulk and save!  Simply choose the quantity, the flavour and enjoy.  

All our Bulk products are made in a Canadian GMP Manufacture that is licensed by Canada Health.  Manufactured following the highest standard of the industry, a delicious silky taste fresh made with Instant Whey Protein Concentrate for an instant mix chunk free either with a spoon or shaker.  Every batch is fresh made and is stored in NSF Certified Bin.  

We work hard to come up with original, backed by science formula along with delicious, smooth & silky flavour!

How can we have such competitive prices?  Well, when you purchase in Bulk, you don't pay for Marketing, Tubs, lids and overpriced paid labor, you pay for one thing, the product you truly want!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julien G.

Bit too sweet but the flavor is spot on (choco-hazelnut)

Raymond L.

Great products at a great price. Been using Vita Plus for a few years now, and it’s the only place that I buy my protein from

Aleksandr K.
De Trois-Rivières?

Tremendous product that tastes exactly how you want it. With milk is a thing of beauty. And for a very good price.
De plus, je crois que vous etes du Québec, donc automatiquement je vous soutiens!

John B.
A staple of my diet

I bio ought the Vanilla, Coconut Ice Cream and the Chocolate Banana flavors. While on Dialysis I could not use the Concentrate so as soon as I got my kidney transplant and got the okay to do so, I switched to the concentrate to replace muscles lost during the three years of dialysis. The flavors are very true to what you would expect, not too strong and not too weak. I make mine with unsweetened almond milk and they are all truly delicious. Perfect on the move breakfast

Flavor is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I ordered five different flavors, and they all taste exactly how they should. It mixes perfectly without any kind of shaker. Will definitely be buying more!