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[BULK] Organic Matcha Green Tea (100g - 5kg)


Matcha tea is a great alternative or complement to coffee. Organic Matcha tea prevents you from some negative effects of coffee. Unlike coffee, it releases its caffeine over several hours. This gives you long-lasting stimulation and enough energy for the day.

When you drink a cup of coffee, notice how you experience a rapid surge in energy and then such a drastic drop! Not all get this effect, but it is widespread. Often, you’ll then need to take a second cup to regain a boost and start this rollercoaster all over again.

Matcha green tea also has the advantage of containing L-theanine, which coffee doesn’t give you. L-theanine is a molecule that provides a calming feeling.

With matcha, you can be energetic, focused and relaxed. These beneficial effects are way beyond those of regular green tea.

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Every batch is fresh and is stored in NSF Certified Bin.

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